Building Features

When you purchase a steel building from Ameripride you are buying a building that is produced with only 100 percent American steel. Plus, Ameripride steel buildings all come standard with a robust 25 year warranty. Steel buildings typically last a lifetime, and Ameripride steel buildings are coated to resist rusting.

Steel is the ultimate building material. It is strong, and steel is the least expensive construction material there is. Since steel is so incredibly strong fewer raw materials are used in the construction process. In other words, less labor is needed to erect the building saving you more money. Prefab buildings come pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-welded direct from the factory making installation quick.

Steel buildings are also resistant to fire and insect pests like termites. Plus, because steel is so durable these buildings can hold up against the harshest weather like wind, rain, or snow. Some steel buildings, such as warehouses, or steel sporting buildings can benefit greatly from clear-span design. This technology allows up to a 300 foot width of interior free from support columns. This technology is ideal for activities that require a large interior space, and is well suited for complex designs.

Of course, some applications can get along fine with a multi-span design.  This technology is less expensive than clear-span, however it does come with more interior support columns. There are many accessories available to enhance your Ameripride steel building, like sky lights, insulation, ridge vents, wall lights, cylindrical vents, insulation, gutters, and downspouts.

In addition, horizontal sliding windows, and a variety of single swing, double swing, or sliding doors are available. Naturally, weather stripping and glass panels are available as well.  Other accessories include snow stoppers, wall louvers, and stall systems. All Ameripride steel buildings include clear and concise instructions.

Once you purchase and erect your steel building there may come a time when you will want to add on. Additions using steel are a breeze. Other building materials cannot make this claim. Whether you simply have a question, want more information, or need a price quote simply call our toll free number. Knowledgeable technicians are waiting to help you.