Indoor Sports Facility

Steel indoor sports facilities have become quite common. Many universities use steel indoor sports facilities. Ameripride steel indoor sports facilities are ideally suited for this. Steel is so strong it can handle up to 300 feet of a clear-span area. In other words, you have up to 300 feet of open area to play the game. Add the incredible strength and low cost of steel and you have found your ideal building material.

First, because steel is so strong the people inside your indoor sports facilities are kept safe. Steel does not rot and termites are a non-issue. Furthermore, steel offers you protection from fire because it does not burn. If you are erecting the sports facility in an area where inclement weather is common, steel withstands the harshest conditions better than other building materials.

Steel is less costly and requires less building supplies than other building types. This means you not only save on the cost of supplies, but you need less labor to erect the building. Plus, steel building’s go up much faster than other structures. To put it differently, you save money on building materials, labor, and you are in business quickly. Choose a pre-fabricated steel building solution and your business is up and running even faster.

Ameripride steel buildings come with a 25 year warranty, yet steel buildings typically last a lifetime. Have a question, or interested in prices? Simply call our toll free number and a trained steel building technician will offer qualified assistance.

Ameripride steel buildings are attractive and come in various colors. Moreover, only 100 percent American steel is used because Ameripride believes in quality. You also have the option of adding brick, stone, or stucco facing to the exterior of the building if you choose. Since these materials are facings, you save money here as well.

On the whole, most sports need a big and un-obstructed area in order to play the game. Steel is the ideal building material for indoor sports facilities, because you are allowed up to 300 feet of open area. Ameripride steel costs less than other building materials yet is much stronger. All Ameripride steel buildings come with a 25 year warranty, however steel buildings typically last a life time. Call Ameripride today to find out why their steel indoor sports facilities are your best solution.