Prefab Retail Buildings

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular in retail construction. It is easy to see why, steel construction can cost up to 50 percent less than other building materials. Plus, steel buildings go up in much less time, and they are incredibly strong. Ameripride steel retail buildings offer a cost effective, low maintenance, energy efficient building that suits any retail need.

Today’s prefabricated steel building solutions can erect your building faster than ever before. The steel is pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-welded at the factory, before delivery making installation easy and quick. In addition, if you want to add on to the building later on, steel is the ideal material to accomplish this.

Of all the building materials to choose from, steel is the least costly of all. Moreover, steel can withstand the harshest weather including wind, rain and snow. Ameripride steel is both fire and termite resistant. A common question is, how long do Ameripride steel buildings last? Steel buildings can last as long as a lifetime and Ameripride buildings come standard with a 25 year warranty.

As you would expect from a leader, all steel used in Ameripride buildings is 100 percent American, and the steel is coated to resist rusting. The clear span steel building design is ideal for the retail environment. This technology allows up to 300 feet in width without any interior support columns. This allows you to place more products on the floor, and set-up a more efficient and productive shopping environment.

The steel buildings of old look like warehouses. This is no longer the case. The modern Ameripride steel retail buildings are not only very attractive, but are available in several colors as well. You can even spruce up the exterior of your store further by using brick, stucco, or stone facings. The choice is yours.

Finally, retail steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular. Ameripride steel is less expensive than other building materials. Pre-fabricated steel buildings go up fast and they are fire and termite resistant. Clear span steel building technology allows up to 300 feet in width without interior support columns. This is a huge advantage as it allows you to offer more products on the sales floor, and provides a more productive selling environment. Call Ameripride today and see why you should erect a steel retail building.