Prefab School Buildings

There is no doubt that this is the era of budget cut backs, and community schools are really feeling the pinch. Yet, schools still need to be built. The lowest cost construction material is steel, and it’s extremely durable. Ameripride steel pre-fabricated school buildings are a cost effective way to save money, yet provide a totally functional and safe school for your community.

Ameripride offers prefab steel school buildings that are not only low cost, but these structures require little maintenance and they are energy efficient. In addition, steel buildings are resistant to termites and fire, and can withstand harsh weather like wind, rain, and snow. Plus, if you choose to go with clear-span technology fewer interior support columns are needed, up to 300 feet in width without column support. This allows for more useable space within the school.

Of course all the steel used by Ameripride is 100 percent American, and it is coated to resist rusting. Furthermore, the days of drab ugly steel buildings are long gone. Today’s modern Ameripride steel school buildings are attractive and are available in many colors. You can even spruce up the exterior of the building with low cost brick, stucco, or stone facings.

Another great benefit of erecting an Ameripride prefab school building is the speed in which steel buildings go up. Prefabricated buildings come with the steel already pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-welded, so less labor is required to erect them. Naturally, the included instructions are clear and concise for easy assembly. This is the perfect solution for school districts that require an attractive, strong, and cost effective building.

Steel buildings last a long time. In fact most can last a lifetime. Ameripride steel school buildings come standard with a robust 25 year warranty. Plus, if you need to add on to your school down the road steel is the easiest and least expensive method to accomplish this.

In the end, Ameripride prefabricated school buildings are cost effective and incredibly strong. Steel buildings can withstand the harshest weather, and are fire and termite resistant. Moreover, Ameripride prefab school buildings go up fast. There is simply no less expensive way to build a school. Steel is strong and is designed to keep your school’s children safe and sound. Call Ameripride today and see why you should choose a prefab steel school building.