Residential Buildings

If you are looking to add a garage to your home, or want the perfect residential storage solution, you have come to the right place. Ameripride prefabricated steel buildings are cost effective and can be erected fast. Steel is the least costly construction material there is and it is incredibly strong. Plus, more people are turning to steel build their homes as well.

You can use an Ameripride steel residential building as a garage, to protect a boat, RV storage, or you can build a backyard workshop. Steel is the perfect construction material. It costs less than other building materials and stands up to the harshest weather. Plus, prefab Ameripride steel buildings go up fast. The steel comes pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-welded right from the factory for fast assembly. The included instructions are easy to understand and are concise.

All of the steel in Ameripride residential buildings are 100 percent American steel and are backed with a strong 25 year warranty. However, many steel buildings last 50 years or more. Furthermore, little maintenance is required when you purchase an Ameripride steel residential building.

You can also use steel to build a home. This is an attractive option if you live in a harsh weather or a hurricane prone area. Not only is steel less expensive than other materials, but less building materials are required. This reduces the amount of labor needed to erect your home. Steel is also resistant to termites and fire. Today’s modern steel buildings are attractive and available in various colors.

More people are turning to steel for their residential storage needs. Steel is also the perfect construction material should you ever want to add on to your steel structure. The addition process is easy and fast. This cannot be said of other building materials. Whether you have a question or want a price Ameripride offers a toll free number. A trained steel building technician will be happy to help you.

Finally, Ameripride offers superior residential steel building solutions that can be used to build garages, boat and RV storage units, or build a backyard workshop. Steel is cost effective and strong. That said, homes can also be built from steel, and they are attractive and come in many colors. Call us today and find out how easy it is to build an Ameripride residential building.